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Author Topic: Wild Wings Exp  (Read 14845 times)
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« on: September 29, 2007, 03:29:31 AM »

Wild Wings Exp

Author: RSN & others

Category : Miscellaneous Pack

Date Added : 06-11-2006

Updated : N/A

Size : 6.05 MB

Compatibility : ZT1

Description:  Note : Please re download if you got this pack before 11.30pm ET January 20th

Wild Wings User Expansion Pack is created by RSN,with help of Toucan Brasil(information of birds),CatFish Charlie(by Aviary Cage version B),ZT staff,Loewenfrau,Devona and Mgnwa(fix cassowary,crowned crane,manchurian crane and emu) and Flamethrower(by game filter content).

The UXP content is:


-Savannah -
Shoebill stork
Crowned crane


-Tropical rainforest-
Indian peafowl
Golden conure
Blue and gold macaw
Toco toucan
Harpy eagle
Scarlet macaw
Hyacinth macaw
Single wattled cassowary
Concave casqued hornibill
Caribbean flamingo
Rosthischild mynah

Manchurian crane
Bald eagle
Andean condor

Snowy owl

California condor

Common puffin
Black swan
Eastern brown pelican

Ground nest
Small nest
Large nest
Ilala palm tree nest

Travellers tree
Banana tree
Royal palm
Snow pine
Lilly pad
Fallen aquatic log

Dead tree in rock

Aviary cage(4 under)
Ground lamp
Bird topiary
Square grass
Concrete backdrop
Small aviary
Hyacinth macaw sucessive reproduction plaque
WWF billiboard
Flower bench with metalic fence

Developer objects(3)
Bird training center
Pickup Truck

Mountain camp
Particular breeders
Crazy time

The file also includes an Wild Wings icon which you can use for you ZT desktop shortcut.

For questions or technical support please click HERE

All rotation fixes and language re-programming by : Loewenfrau

Download Here
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« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2009, 02:43:28 AM »

A number of things in the Wild Wings pack conflict with the Graeco pack. 

50111cc8 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Hades Statue) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(Small aviary)
a90ac026 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Red pot) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(Bird topiary)
a91dc026 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Clay pot) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(Grass square)
a9410026 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Black pot) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(Concrete backdrop)
aabfe026 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Roman Lion Statue Board) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(WWF billiboard)
bc3dc08b Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Emporer Statue Board) WWscenery_finalfix.ztd(Sucessive hyacinth macaw reproduction plaque)
770c5985 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Fire Fern) WWshelter_rock_finalfix.ztd(Small nest)
f81ba251 Graeco_Roman_Pack.ztd(Aphrodite Tree) WWshelter_rock_finalfix.ztd(Large
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« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2009, 07:11:09 PM »

The Small aviary might crash MM or CC when guests try to look at it.

The Hoatzin and Pegasus might cause ZT problems if they try to go in water or are placed in water.
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« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2010, 06:33:30 PM »

There are reports that the uiWW.ztd file of this pack will cause the animals not to appear in the purchase menus. At this time, we do not know under what circumstances that might occur. The purpose of that file is to add a new menu filter for the pack, but it is not needed.
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